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A Kent State academic department has a relocation on the horizon. Chip Reid has more.

This large studio at the  MACC annex is one of three places where architecture students take classes. The other two are Taylor Hall and parts of Tri Towers. However, by the fall of 2016, a new building will bring the whole program under one roof.

Michael Bruder is the executive director of the Office of the University Architect.

“It was deemed one of the priorities, yeah so, they’re currently in three different buildings on campus and so this will consolidate them into a single building and I think it will be really good for the program.”

The building is estimated to be approximately 12,000 square feet and include new classrooms, studios, administrative offices, and various shop and research spaces.

Unfortunately, I was not able to enter the construction site. While it may be hard to tell from here, the initial package work is over 65% complete. The final product will be located on the Lester A. Lefton Esplanade extension and will serve as a sort of link between downtown Kent and the university.

Douglas Steidl, who is the Dean of the College of Architecture and Design, couldn’t be happier about the building’s location.

“We love the site. The site is on the pathway and it’s also the location, the building is almost a metaphor for what we do: take a scholarly idea represented by the university, you massage that idea into something tangible, that serves everyday life which is the city.”

A new academic building for students who may expand the university in the future is certainly something to look forward to.

For TV2KSU, I’m Chip Reid.

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