An Interdisciplinary Major

An Interdisciplinary Major


A New Major will be coming to Kent State University in the fall of the 2015. The new major will be in Religion Studies and will focus on Classical Languages. The coordinator of the Religion Studies Program Professor David Odell-Scott explained to me in an interview several weeks ago the details of the new major.

The major will be an Interdisciplinary Program with classes from several different schools and departments. Bowman Hall is one of those many places that Religion Studies students here at Kent State University take classes. These students are in an Introduction to World Religions class.  Satterfield Hall houses the Modern and Classical Languages Department here at Kent State University, which will be the main focus of the new major.

Their are 6 different Religion based classes that Religion Studies students can take here at Kent State University. They include Introduction to World Religions, Comparative Religion, Comparative Religious Experience, Seminar: Religion in the Modern World and an undergraduate and graduate level class in Seminar in Advanced Comparative Religion. Religion Studies students will still be able to minor in the area of comparative and integrative programs while now being able to major as well with the focus on Classical Languages.

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