An Ambassador Impacts KSU student lives.

An Ambassador Impacts KSU student lives.

Darnell Wilson, an ambassador and field coach for The Impact Movement has high hopes for the students and their religious life at Kent State University.

Impact is a non-profit national ministry organization focused on creating leaders and helping people be other centered rather than self- centered. In this world we live in today, people just worry about themselves and not others. It’s not about us!

Impact lives up to their message by going out into the community and focusing on the needs of others.  For example Impact members put together sack lunches and distribute them to the hungry in downtown Kent.

“It’s always better to give than to receive.”

Wilson has been the ambassador for The Impact Movement for 5 Years. The Movement started as a small group with only 3 to 4 people. Today’s it is a worldwide organization.

Able to impact lives of people for eternity and to make God known on the campus is Darnell’s main goal and his motivation for The Impact Movement.

“We don’t Judge! We embrace all walks of life,” said Darnell

Wilson believes that investing in his students and spreading God’s word is the most important thing he can do. Darnell wants to help his students to not only live right during their college years but also after and for eternity.

Even though Wilson enjoys being the ambassador for The Impact Movement, he explains how they don’t receive any funding from the university. He says that Kent State does not believe that what The Impact Movement does is worth their funding.

“I have to remind myself sometimes that it’s not about me, that’s how I get through it,” says Wilson who does not get paid for services to our students. Darnell explains it’s not about the money but it would help tremendously with the events, and activities they have during the semester.

Darnell said that he keeps The Impact Movement out of the news to avoid the negativity. He tries to keep the movement in a positive image in a proper way.

Wilson wants to keep pushing The Impact Movement forward to a better future and impacting student’s lives the best way he can.

During the semester The Impact Movement organization has many events, one is The Remedy that will be held September, 5th which is the biggest concert they have every year. The concert includes spoken word and dramatic presentations.

I will be contacted students from The Impact Movement to get there point of view on the organization.



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