A Home Away From Home

A Home Away From Home

Admissions, campus tours and residence services are a few ways Kent State University brings in high enrollment for incoming freshmen and transfer students. Besides getting accepted, everyone wants to live on-campus in the best dorm possible. Having the options to choose from Twin Towers, New Front, Tri-Towers, Eastway (First Year Experience), Centennial Court, The Quad and Van Campen.

Living on campus is a requirement at Kent State unless you live within 50 miles to be considered a commuter student. Jill Church, Director of Residence Services, said, “she recommends incoming freshman and students to stay on campus because it helps them meet other students and they don’t have to travel and deal with parking.”

Church deals with all the student questionnaires when choosing the perfect roommate. Early registration is a plus when applying for housing because you get first priority to the dorm of your choice. Students can look for roommates on RoomSync, which is connected through Facebook. It shows where students are from and their dorm preference and whether or not they already have a roommate.

Residence Services works closely with University Admissions and the Office of Global Education (International Admissions) when students begin to apply for housing. Although, Church wasn’t sure what admissions goal was this year, she says they expected to see 80 percent of their goal with incoming freshman.

The 2014-2015 school year is the first time ever they had to close the housing application due to a high number of incoming freshman. Between February and May of 2014, 4,180 students started the application and only 3,555 students finished. Residence Services were expecting between 3,000 and 3,500 incoming freshman to live on campus.

Freshmen were placed to live in common areas where students study for a short period of time until dorm rooms became available. Church said she contacted some sophomore year students explaining the circumstances for the incoming freshman and asked if a few of them would like to move off campus.

International students housing is processed different due to how Visas are set up and based on how many students are being accepted. They expect to see between 200 and 250 International students living on campus.

In April, Church offered each sophomore level student that agreed to move off campus a credit to his or her account or a parking pass. It wasn’t what she wanted to do necessarily but it had to be done because it would help with student satisfaction.

The admission rate increases higher and higher each year, which leaves students with limited to no housing. There is no perfect solution to eliminate high enrollment with incoming freshman at Kent State; the only thing residence services can do is to continue to manage it well.

Keep looking forward to the newly renovated Tri-Towers!

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