Positions open at Kent State Police Department

Positions open at Kent State Police Department

There have been many promotions and retirements happening at Kent States Campus Police these past months. With these positions opening, who will be the ones to fill these shoes? Lexi Walters spoke with officers about candidates and the process of hiring. Take a look.


According to Kent State Police officer Jeff Futo the campus police department sees many faces of officers come and go through the years for many reasons. Some people start out at Kent and move to different jobs and a few have retired. This year though, they will be seeing a large number of incoming faces all at once.

With promotions and officers retiring, it leaves four to five positions open within the department.

The department is looking for candidates who are a good fit and this could mean having already gone through Police Academy or looking to go through once they get the job.

A couple officers spoke about the process of hiring and training as well as the bittersweet feelings of replacing so many long time officers with fresh new faces.

Applications as well as the required training for the open positions are available on the Kent State Police Services website.


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